"Bringing Love and Hope to the Children in Need"
SEC REG. NO. CN200608440



Open Invitation to Christian, Pastors and Missionaries
(April-May, October, December)

 Dear ones in the Lord,

We cordially invite you to visit us. We need Christians, Pastors and Missionaries who can help us share the Gospel, teach Bible school students and skills or help setup self sustaining projects and businesses, bring relief goods to urban poor children (used clothes, shoes, etc. ) or contribute small fund to build a small building (usually it takes $2,000) with you . Please consider staying with us for up to 1 to 2 weeks. You will be making a huge impact in our community.

This is a volunteer position in faith and trust. The biggest qualifier is your heart. God will use anyone with an open heart. There are no theological or seminary requirements.

You will be expected to perform reliably, conduct yourself in a Christian manner, to be sensitive to cultural differences (easy), to love the people, and to be committed (to the mission trip and not primarily focused on sightseeing).

You will need to obtain a visa (takes 3 days to 1 week or more) and be responsible for all your personal expenses.

With great pleasure I would like to invite the gifted Christian Leaders, Pastors and Missionaries, men and women to come and serve the Lord with us. Together we will have the work done. You are most welcome. 

Thank you and God bless! 

Pastor Joel B. Santos

"In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these
my brethren,ye have done it unto me."
(Matt. 25:40)